Canelo vs Angulo Tickets

After being beaten and humiliated in a loss against Floyd Mayweather,  Saul “Canelo” Alvarez will face Alfredo Angulo in the ring on March 8, 2014. Most analysts say that Alfredo will be an easy fight for Canelo; however, putting the fight in a Pay Per View match is something most people do not agree with.

It is understandable that Canelo is being matched with Angulo, a lesser experienced boxer who needs to prove many things yet. But putting them up in a PPV fight might not be a good idea. Will people be willing to watch a match between a previously beaten Canelo against a lesser popular boxer Angulo?

While most people believe that the fight is not worth being in PPV, the Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer thinks otherwise. He firmly believes that Canelo’s charisma and fighting style will draw many people to the fight.

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez has a professional record of 42 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw, and 30 knock outs. His only loss was recently acquired from his fight against Floyd Mayweather. Canelo is being promoted by Golden Boy Promotions owned by Oscar De La Hoya.

Canelo earned many boxing titles from his entire career. The major and maybe the finest achievement of Canelo is winning the WBC Light Middleweight Champion. He also won international or regional titles and special titles such as the Jalisco State Welterweight Champion, WBA Fedecentro Welterweight Champion, NABF Welterweight Champion, WBO Lation Welterweight Champion, WBO Youth Welterweight Champion, WBC Silver Light Welterweight Champion, and The Ring Magazine Light Welterweight Champion.

Alfredo Angulo Lopez is a Mexican professional boxer. He participated in 2004 Summer Olympics for his country. The same with Canelo, Angulo is being promoted by the Golden Boy Promotions. His professional record is 22 wins, 3 losses, and 18 knockouts. Angulo is a brawler fighter who likes to attack his opponent. The biggest win of Alfredo Angulo is against then undefeated Harry Joe Yorgey in November 2009 where he became the Interim WBO Light Middleweight title.

Before the contract was finally signed, Canelo and Angulo have already a rivalry. The rivalry is not something that will support the fight, but rather both of the two fighters dislike each other to the point that they don’t want to enter the same ring. With much negotiations and compromise, both fighters agreed to meet each other this March.

It is worth noting that the Canelo-Mayweather fight garnered the top-grossing PPV in its history – grossing more than $150 million. Thus, Golden Boy Promotion is aiming to at least bring a little bit of that luck in the next game of Canelo.

Most people see Angulo as a mere warm-up sparring partner or a stepping stone for Canelo after the disappointing loss against Mayweather. This match is said to just tune up Canelo for the next higher profile match. However, Angulo is very determined to turn the table and show the critics that he is a worthy opponent.

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